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Home Reporting of Violence Against Hospitals & Medical Professionals

Reporting of Violence Against Hospitals & Medical Professionals

Health workers and Hospitals are at high risk of violence all over the world. As per WHO records between 8% and 38% of health workers suffer physical violence at some point in their careers and millions of rupees of damages are burdened by Hospitals. Most of the reported violence is perpetrated by patients and visitors which should not be accepted by any healthy and progressive society. The negative implications of such violence also affects workers’ job motivation, hindering quality of care and puts health-care provision at risk in many cases among immense financial loss to a hospital and health sector as a whole.

To deal with this persistent problem, AHPI has prepared a reporting portal for all such incidents so that the same can be timely taken up with authorities and respective governments, thus ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all hospitals and it’s workers.

You are requested to fill this form and report the violence incident to AHPI.

Kindly ensure that the content you share is validated [supported by documents, photographs and videos], so that we can avoid spreading false and unverified news.

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