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AHPI Leadership Forum
Country'S First Forum For Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare industry has emerged as dynamic and ever evolving where change is constant. Management of modern hospitals has become challenging and complex because of

  • Rapidly growing and changing medical technology.
  • Increasing awareness of healthcare needs among community at large.
  • Promulgation of laws like CEA, CPA and RTI Act etc.
  • Financial Sustainability vis-à-vis government insurance schemes.
  • Growing market competition.
  • Shortage of human resources; attrition thereof.
  • Medical Tourism.

Managing healthcare establishment therefore has indeed become challenging task. There is constant conflict between stake holders expectations and ground realties faced by the providers. Healthcare industry predominately though is service industry, but far more complex as compared with any other service sector. It is therefore realized to create a FORUM, where leaders/ managers can network and learn from each other, besides being collective voice for interaction with stake holders including government and civil societies.

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The FORUM will work as a consortium of Healthcare Managers to inculcate leadership attributes among managers working in clinical as well as in support functions. Overall objective will be to establish and maintain healthcare delivery systems right from the stage of policy making, planning & designing to operations for ensuring efficient utilization of finance, manpower, material and infrastructure and in managing the day to day operational issues related to the hospitals. The overarching aim will be to improve overall healthcare delivery system in the country for wellbeing of community at large.

The FORUM will also work as a consortium of Women managers working in clinical as well as in support functions to inculcate leadership attributes among them. Overall objective will be to establish and maintain healthcare delivery systems more inclusive with women in leadership positions focusing on enhanced collaboration, improved communication, and better problem-solving attributes.

Women leaders are encouraged to apply!

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The AHPI Leadership Forum will function in unison with vision of AHPI, and would aim at making India VISHVA GURU, addressing key components of UHC i.e., making healthcare; available, accessible, affordable and acceptable for our population and at the same time making available state of art services for medical value travelers.

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AHPI Leadership Forum shall facilitate creating a value-based healthcare ecosystem and work with all stakeholders through collaboration and exchange of ideas to enhance the experience of members. The FORUM shall create avenues for collaboration with institutes of eminence, nationally as well as internationally in the field of leadership and help members recognized as leaders par excellence and change makers in supporting and strengthening the delivery of quality health services in the country.


The membership of AHPI Leadership Forum will include but not limited to healthcare professionals working in the domain of clinical and non-clinical administration including doctors, nursing professionals, healthcare entrepreneurs, young medical and public health students and allied healthcare workforce from operations, human resource, quality, supply chain, IT, finance, marketing, pharmacy, facility management, guest relations etc.

  • To become part of global healthcare leadership network.
  • Regular updates of healthcare industry through AHPI newsletter.
  • Discounted fee on all AHPI training programmes, Free participation in monthly webinars and Annual Conclave registration at discounted rates.
  • Access to various healthcare publications
  • Connect with national/ international institutes of repute.
  • Opportunity to participate in AHPI leadership awards.
  • Membership Certificate.
Eligibility Criteria

Healthcare professionals with Bachelor degree, PG diploma or Master’s in relevant field.

Membership Category


1-10 Years of experience

Fellow Member

10+ Years of experience

Distinguished Fellow

(only life membership)
20+ Years of Experience

Membership fee and Registration

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Life Member
₹ 10000 - Member / Fellow
₹ 15000 - Distinguished Fellow
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Annual Member
₹ 10000

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Become a part of the AHPI family and contribute towards the well-being of the common man while advancing your organizational goals. For more information and to apply for membership, please contact: