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AHPI Associate Membership for Allied Industries

Pharmaceuticals, Equipment Manufacturers, IT, Education & Training Institutes, Start-ups in Health Sector, Digital Health & similar organizations providing services to Health Sector

The Association of Healthcare Providers – India (AHPI) is a registered not-for-profit organisation representing the vast majority of healthcare providers in India. AHPI actively promotes universal health coverage by improving the availability, accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare services. AHPI collaborates with stakeholders to establish a national system that ensures universal access to basic health services, supporting its members and partner organisations in implementing effective healthcare improvements. AHPI engages with various associations, accrediting bodies, regulatory agencies, research organisations, and academic institutions to address healthcare challenges. Through their 20 regional chapters, AHPI advocates for healthcare reforms, infrastructure development, taxation and tariff issues, health insurance matters, and other challenges faced by healthcare organisations and the community in delivering quality healthcare.

AHPI’s comprehensive approach contributes to the advancement of healthcare in India by undertaking advocacy on key issues, fostering collaboration & capacity building, developing standards, providing training and organizing webinars, conferences & conclaves.  AHPI plays a vital role in promoting quality healthcare delivery and facilitating positive change in the healthcare sector, which include focus on promotive and preventive aspects of healthcare.

Associate Membership for Allied Industries

Who Should Join? AHPI’s Associate Membership is tailored for organizations operating within allied industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturers, suppliers and distributors and healthcare start-ups including digital health companies, educational institutions, healthcare insurance service providers, and all other organizations which are providing products or services to the healthcare industry. These organizations play a crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem by supporting service providers with essential products, services, and innovations.

Membership Tiers

Silver Associate Member (1 Year)
  • Fee: ₹1 Lakh
  • Convertible to Gold Tier on 1st renewal
  • Benefits:
    • Recognition as AHPI Associate Member.
    • Introduction with all state chapters during AHPI monthly state chapter meeting
    • Networking opportunities with AHPI members.
    • Profile presence on AHPI’s website with a hyperlink to your company’s website.
    • Opportunities to display and promote your company’s special events/activities.
    • Access to AHPI webinars/workshops/events complimentary or at a discounted rate as applicable
Gold Associate Member (3 Years)
  • Fee: ₹2 Lakhs
  • Convertible to Platinum (Lifetime) Tier on 2nd renewal
  • Benefits:
    • All benefits of the Standard Associate Membership.
    • Extended profile visibility and promotional opportunities for 3 years.
    • Opportunity to present the services information to all AHPI State office bearers in monthly AHPI State Chapter meeting (Once in a year)
    • Priority access to AHPI workshops and seminars complimentary or at a discounted rate as applicable
    • Opportunity to conduct joint webinars, events and meetings.
    • AHPI endorsements to products and services (subject to approval by AHPI designated committee)
    • 2 delegate passes for the AHPI Annual Conclave.
Platinum (Lifetime) Associate Member
  • Fee: ₹5 Lakhs
  • Benefits:
    • All benefits of the Premium Associate Membership for a lifetime.
    • Permanent recognition as a Lifetime Associate Member on AHPI’s website.
    • 3 delegate passes for the AHPI Annual Conclave each year.
    • Opportunity to sponsor AHPI events and initiatives at discounted fee.

Key Benefits Across All Tiers

  • Enhancement of organization’s visibility and credibility in the healthcare sector.
  • Networking opportunity with a wide network of healthcare providers, industry leaders, and policymakers.
  • Have a voice in the shaping of healthcare policies through participation in AHPI-led advocacy efforts.
  • Access to the latest industry insights, trends, and research through AHPI led initiatives, conferences, seminars, and webinars.

Application and Approval Process

Organizations interested in becoming an Associate Member of AHPI must apply through our official channels. After due diligence, the application will be reviewed by the Governing Board of AHPI who is authorized to make final decisions regarding membership acceptance. Membership may be refused or withdrawn in cases of proven unethical conduct.

Industry Associate membership registration, the applicant can contact at or 9540859694 Shikhar Gupta, Deputy Director, AHPI