Insurance Scheme

Insurance Scheme

It is our pleasure to announce that Association of HealthCare Providers had tied up with Securenow Insurance Brokers to provide specially designed insurance solutions with carefully drafted benefits and discounts. We think all these insurances will be of great value to your medical establishment.

Below are specially designed insurance solutions :-

    1. Doctor's Professional Indemnity insurance with 10 special benefits and 70% discount.
    2. Hospital Professional indemnity with 10 special benefits and 70% discount.
    3. Patient Liability
    4. Hospital Group health Insurance.
    5. Medical equipment breakdown.
    6. Fire and Burglary.
    7. Money Insurance.
    8. Employee Fidelity
    9. Ambulance Insurance.
    10. Lift Insurance.

    Please contact Mr. Yogesh Khemani for any query

    Mr. Yogesh Khemani (Senior Manager)
    Mail ID
    Mobile -9953877946