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Healthcare industry will play key role to make the economic growth inclusive all over the globe. On one hand it is key social sector contributing to Human Development Index of nation; on the other hand it provides employment to large segment of population per unit investment. Rightly therefore the healthcare is fast emerging as 'election agenda' in all the developing nations. Governments accordingly are working on plans to provide 'Universal Health Coverage'. Considering that private sector is playing key role in providing healthcare in general and tertiary care in particular, the mission of 'Health for All' can be possible only through joint collaboration between public and private sectors including the allied healthcare industry.
'Health for All' programs are being designed with singular focus on 'Affordability'. Considering that millions of medical errors are being reported from developing nations, it is imperative that equal emphasis is laid on patient safety and quality of care. Governments as well as the private payers, at times are fixing the tariffs for various medical procedures, without considering the standard clinical pathways and by which the hospitals with quality certification are finding difficult to sustain. There is urgent need to engage with all stake holders and work in multi-disciplinary areas of clinical governance including; health economics, clinical risk assessment, information technology tools, patient centeredness etc. and arrive at lasting solutions.

Keeping above in view, AHPI has chosen the theme for its 5th Global Conclave as; "Is Quality Healthcare Sustainable? Issues, Concerns & Solutions", and which will be held at Kochi, Kerala (India) during 16-17th February 2018. The CONCLAVE will provide in-depth coverage of issues related to the theme by the practicing/expert faculty and would cover the following;
  • Road Map for UHC in developing economies
  • Economics of healthcare
  • Patients' Safety and Quality v/s Cost
  • Harnessing Technology to meet MDGs
  • Reforms in medical/nursing education & training
  • Framework for skilling of allied healthcare workforce
  • Clinical Governance; Role of Clinicians/Nursing Staff
The sessions have been uniquely designed to bring hospitals and allied healthcare industry including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and IT industry among others under one umbrella to deliver seamless, safe and affordable care across regions. The Conclave has been conceived to offer road map for delivery of universal health care for developing nations. Special interest sessions and activities will be on anvil for delegates from SAARC and ASEAN countries The conclave will also encompass the unique blend of 4th edition of 'AHPI Awards for Excellence in Healthcare' which will be presented on the eve of 16th February 2018