Managing Director at Maharishi Dayanand Hospital Jammu

Health Care Challenges

India is a diversitically rich country where quality health care is one of the most important factors, how individuals perceive their quality of life. The major health care challenges are as: (a) the demographic change and the ageing population (b) the increasing complexity of health care and technological developments (c) high patient expectations and increasing pressure for accountability. All these above challenges have synergistically influenced the quality and sustainability of health care services.

Although patient safety is the key component of quality in health care & it is considered as one of the crucial and most important aspect. New knowledge and internet exposure has helped a lot to improve the patient safety, thus contributing to develop quality of health care. It is important to be aware of the fact that research for patient's safety is not only about increasing knowledge, but also about translating knowledge into practice. It is also important to bridge the gap between levels of research, dissemination and various health care facilities. But in current scenario, more focus has been towards following aspects like patient exercising choice, patient centered medical home, hospitals as network, translational health and advent of personalised medicine.