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My gratitude to US clinician Dr. Harrison exploring home for orphan girls in India

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Greetings from AHPI Academic Hub In this issue my initiative to highlights Chennai conclave, sharing healthcare future challenges as well as A Home for orphan girls in India initiated by Clinician Dr. Michelle Harrison Doctor of Medicine (MD) from New York Medical.

Dr. Harrison initiated excellent social aspects empowering orphan girl child. From USA to India such a journey for social cause really commendable. Having such enrich qualification and experience she can easily opt for some other avenue but she turn for social service for India. Such was zeal of Michelle that she sold off her family home at New Jersey to start working for Kolkata's orphan girls in 2006.Michelle, a psychiatrist and gynaecologist, and author of three books.Her NGO, Sishur Sevay, aims to protect orphan girls. To do that, she took 15 girls from government homes, so that they could be properly groomed and educated. The former global director of an MNC and a one-time teacher at Harvard, however, has been taking care of neglected girls for the last 15 years through a shelter she set up at (Behala) Kolkata that houses 15 orphans.

Mission of Sishur Sevay

To protect orphans and abandoned children, including those having differing abilities and disabilities, by providing a safe environment where they will be sheltered, nurtured, and educated in ways that build Competence, Confidence, Independence and Leadership. In this Issue my special tribute to Dr. Harrison on behalf of editorial team of AHPI.

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